Baking Careers

Choosing to go into a baking career is technically different then becoming a pastry chef.  When the term chef is used, this term means that this person is in charge of the operation of a kitchen.  To be a baker you do not need to go to culinary school but hands on training is essential.  Some bakers work in bakeries, grocery stores and restaurants that only produce small quantities of baked goods that are consumed on the premises or at home.  This type of baker does not necessarily have formal training but is trained on the job.

Many baking jobs are learned in the environment the goods are produced such as grocery store bakeries or a small private owned bakery.  Getting your foot in the door to this type of hands on training can then be extended to other types of baking careers.

Starting in a restaurant kitchen as a line cook or prep cook can also be the first step into extending your career into baking.  Even if you have to start at the bottom by washing dishes if you show incentive and interest in how the kitchen operates you can then expand your training into the baking area.  Many culinary chefs’ take pastry training to round out their career opportunities, so a chef may take you under his wing and train you as a baker or assistant baker.

Commercial baking is another whole other field you may want to investigate when choosing a baking career.  Large companies that mass produce product still have bakers on staff.  You are trained on large commercial machines that mix and bake high quantites of baked goods.  Baking on the commercial level will give you more freedom of time and not take all your holidays.  This baking career in the commercial field will be very repetitive and may become boring.

When looking for a baking career keep and open mind and look at all aspects of the job.  Some may appeal to your sense of accomplishment and creativity and others may appeal to your need for regular working hours.  Whatever you are looking for in a baking career make sure that this life decision will make you happy.

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